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When buying from an artist/maker you're buying more than just an object/painting .You are buying hundreds of hours of failurs and experimentations .You are buying days, weeks and months of frustation and moments of pure joy .You are not just buying a thing .You're buying a piece of heart , part of a soul , a moment of someone's life .Most importantly , you're buying the artist more time to do something they are passionate about .

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zaterdag 4 oktober 2014

Who am I

Hello everybody.

My name is Petra alias Macy and  married with Ton.
We live in the Netherlands.
We have 2 children a boy and girl.
And 1 dog a Bull Mastiff  now 2 years old.

 I've been doing for several years psp and wrote tag lessons.
Not anymore.
And now, after a few years I picked up the thread again and started to make poser tubes,
these can be purchased in my shops.
My shops ar
e on the right side on my blog.

But for now I sell most CU - Art tubes from different artists.
I hope you like them. 😊

Thank you for buying.
Have fun with it.

Hugs Petra/Macy

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